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Eagle Parallax IPA

Eagle Parallax IPA

Inspired by the 1838 Bedford Level experiment where Samuel Burley Rowbotham tried to prove the earth was flat using the famous Bedford River. He published his results under the pseudonym of “Parallax”. A Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. At the Eagle brewery, we take a different view.

Description: A gentle malt sweetness is balanced off by a robust bitterness. Fruity hops, hints of white grapes and gooseberry, mixed with sweet malts deliver a crisp and refreshing all day IPA.

See: Pale Amber
Smell: Tropical Fruit Hop
Taste: Subtle maltiness, dry refreshing, bitter finish
Style: Sweet: 2.5
Bitter: 4
Food pairing: Fried Chicken Wings with spicy dip or a Thai Curry. Fried Chicken Wings with spicy dip or a Thai Curry.


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